About Signature Recruitments

Signature Recruitments is an innovative, solution and results-based recruitment agency. Founded by eminent leaders in the field who bring globally gained successful career in a range of fields related to organizational development and human resources management, the agency offers recruitment and human resources management services for senior level strategic positions, that include CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager and the like.

Signature Recruitments is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh forging partnership with agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and Canada. The firm is led by three senior consultants:

  • Mr. Faisal Kader (Canadian of Bangladesh origin) – Lead Consultant – commercial and business sectors.
  • Dr. Mak Khan (Australian of Bangladesh origin) – Lead Consultant – development management organizations, development partners, education sector; and government and semi-government agencies.

Scope of Services

Specialized senior level recruitment services are not common Bangladesh. Recruitment of senior professionals is a totally different ball game. This is not about matching years of experience and academic degrees. We go beyond that and conduct due diligence check on the ethical standard of the candidates, their history of abuse of women and children and adults at risk. This is a global practice now.

We talk to the clients and assist them with the preparation of the Job Description and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and facilitate various assessments of candidates as well as existing employees through independent third parties. Therefore, we go beyond the traditional practices with an understanding that each senior level position requires an in-depth of understanding of client needs for which specific strategies need to be developed accordingly to ensure the ‘best-fit’ professionals are tabled across.

We are not just a ‘body shop’. We do not submit CVs. We craft the entire process from that include market search, our extensive data base review, word of mouth announcements and advertising. We talk it out with our clients about the process that suits their needs.

We bear the risks for our clients!

We request our valued clients to kindly flip through the few tabs in this website where we have kept our messages short, simple but meaningful. We have no doubts that the clients will clearly see how we stand out from others.

Consultants’ Profiles

Mr. Faisal Kader started his career as a fresher and gradually rose to senior management/ leadership roles. Mr. Kader retired after more than three decades of a versatile job career serving in management and leadership roles. These include his work in diverse organizations from international development funding agencies to hard-core profit oriented multinational, and large national organizations in Bangladesh, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. In course of his career, Mr. Kader has gained in-depth understanding and appreciation of organization and business management processes, and commercial project management. During his entire experience he has observed the extremely important need for ensuring that the right person is hired or assigned for the work that the person can do best. Mr. Kader is also a specialized consultant in Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research.
Dr. Mak Khan, a former international civil servant is a seasoned development professional whose career spans over 36 years in Bangladesh, Australia, USA and 26 countries in the Asia-Pacific region from short term consultancies to long term public service and academic undertakings. His specialization, among others are organizational development (OD) that includes strategic planning, human resources development, capacity building training, evaluation of organizations and programs, and human resources capacities. Dr Khan is widely connected to prominent HR development and recruitment agencies worldwide that helps Signature Recruitments to bring international best practices in its operations. Dr Khan is a world class trainer in cross-cultural communication, change management, human resources planning, negotiation skills, leadership, and monitoring and evaluation of organizational impact and outcomes.

The Search Process

Understanding client needs

We follow a simple but tested effective process that underscores the need to listen, understand and in-depth qualitative assessments.

As the first step where we request our client to spend some time with us on some focused qualitative discussions with the Head of the Organization, and her/his nominated members of the management, and most importantly, the person to whom the incumbent shall report to. While discussions follow a topical guide to cover some essential points, we try to facilitate the conversation as free flowing as possible so we can get a thorough understanding of what exactly the client’s needs are. To give an example, while the client may ask us to recruit a CEO, we may recommend after the in-depth discussions that instead of a CEO a Senior Operations Manager would be much more effective and suited to meet their needs. This solution would be more productive as well as cost effective. This is how we approach organizational development.

In addition, in close discussion with the clients we also assist them in developing the most well-suited job profile or job description, and the required person profile for the position(s). This exercise can provide immense value to the search process because the expectations from the incumbent are clearly articulated for understanding by both sides that greatly helps in assessing the true capabilities of potential candidates.

Understanding the organization culture

This is one of the most important factors that we consider in our search process because each organization operates on its own unique style and culture. Often it may happen that after understanding a client’s need a few candidates may be found but the candidates may not be able to fit in with the organisation’s culture or environment and eventually leave.

Some organizations are extremely formal while some are extremely informal. In some organizations, the processes followed may still be largely manual while some organization may be using a fully automated process for everything. There exists mix of several styles and processes creating a large diversity of management culture between organizations. Therefore, aside from factors like education, relevant experiences, and competencies, it is essential to understand whether a candidate who seem to fit all requirements would also fit into the culture of the organization. In fact, this is one of principal reasons why several turnover takes place. The employer is at a loss to understand why an employee left and the employees find it difficult to explain that they are unable to cope up with the work culture despite being perfectly capable of delivering the responsibilities.

Spotting the candidate(s)

We identify the potential candidates mainly through our networks because we are either directly or through our immediate network in touch with most of the C Suite level senior professionals and executives in the country, as well as non-resident Bangladeshis living across the globe who wish to work in Bangladesh. At this stage we also consider candidates who have the requisite profile and qualities waiting for a well-deserved career progression.

In some cases where some specialized attributes or set of different experiences are required of candidates who may not be readily available, we may resort to advertising as a second option. The process, cost and other factors will be clearly spelt out to the clients, and agreed upon through mutual discussions.

The first level of shortlisting is done by a mixture of reviewing CVs and having a discussion with the potential candidates without disclosing the clients’ identity.

Understanding the candidate – ensuring best possible fit

This is the most crucial stage of the recruitment process. At this stage we may have more than one round of discussions with final shortlisted candidates, not only to gauge the competence level, but also to understand whether the candidates despite being technically competent would fit the environment and culture in the new work place. Also important is to understand whether the candidates are flexible enough to accommodate themselves in a significantly different environment and work culture. Unless both criteria are adequately met we shall not place the candidate for an interview with the client.

During this stage we also try to understand the qualitative aspects of the candidates, for example, how they handle pressure, their ethics or integrity, their attitude towards gender diversity in work place, the leadership styles they believe in most, whether they are flexible and trainable, whether they have empathy, social tolerance and respectful towards others’ beliefs and practices, whether they feel strong about work ethics, and whether they are intellectually curious, etc. We carry out this exercise through in-depth qualitative discussions in such a way that enables a candidate to open up and express themselves freely. Besides, the usual points that are checked during the review process are those we gather from the clients during the initial in-depth discussions with them.

The most qualifying candidates are placed in A category. Candidates qualifying very close to the A category are placed in a second category for possible future consideration. All shortlisted CVs are retained in the Company’s data bank.

Background and reference check

Background and ethics tests are typically done to ascertain whether the information provided by the candidates in their CVs are correct, whether they have any past record(s) which may raise questions about their competency and integrity, and the overall attitude of the past employers towards the candidates. These checks are made with individuals named by the candidates as their referees, who can speak about the candidates’ abilities and character in honest terms.

We try to take a step more to make our own investigations with our own contacts who can provide reliable information about the candidates. However, ethically we inform the candidates about our intention to carry out additional investigation and obtain their written consent to do so. If a candidate does not wish to give his/her consent, we do not carry out this step as we respect privacy of information.

Value added services

We have collaborative arrangements with highly qualified consultants and agencies within Bangladesh and in the Asia-Pacific region who carry out independent psychological assessments and profiling of candidates to understand a candidate’s personality more intensely, mostly in terms of their leadership capabilities, problem solving, ability to work under pressures, team spirit, etc. These assessments are carried out with the help of advanced psychological assessment tools and models and interpreted by the experts. Typical assessments include

We are also affiliated with a technology firm of nearly two decades of solid standing who can provide comprehensive Human Resources Management software. Please feel to request for a demo.

Our terms

Following initial discussions, if a client wishes to engage us for a search, we carry out the assignment on the following terms:
  1. 1. Formal contract signed with Signature Recruitments which includes a clause that during the search by Signature Recruitments the client will not employ any other search firm for the same position.
  2. 2. If the client independently identifies a prospective candidate during the search process the candidate should be referred to us for carrying out necessary screening, suitability assessments, and background checks.
  3. 3. Our professional fees: One month’s gross salary of the incumbent plus VAT. The client may deduct AIT and provide us with the requisite certificate including copy of the challan of tax paid.
  4. 4. 10% of the professional fee is to be paid at time of signing the contract as administration fee. This amount is non-refundable but adjustable with the professional fee if the search is successful.
  5. 5. The client would be responsible for payment of all out of pocket costs including all advertisement costs and cost of rental of interview venue and refreshments if the client desires to hold the interview outside their office. Signature Recruitments will provide a budget for the out of pocket costs.
  6. 6. All the independent assessment services obtained from independent consultants and agencies on behalf of the client, if requested, shall be paid directly by the client to the Agency. A free replacement search will be conducted by us if the candidate resigns within three months or terminated on the ground of proven legitimate unacceptable conduct (e.g., bullying, sexual harassment, fund misappropriation). However, the costs mentioned in No. 5 above will still be chargeable to the client for the replacement search under a fresh contract where the fee will be stated to be officially waived. If the client however, terminates the contract with the employee without any legitimate cause, the free replacement condition shall not apply.